Campus Religious and Philosophical Communities

Student Leaders and Websites

Academic Year 2014-15

 Medford Campus

Baha’i Students Association

Buddhist Sangha

CAFE (Conversation, Action, Faith & Education; Interfaith)

Catholic Community at Tufts

Chabad at Tufts University (Jewish)

Greek and Athlete Christian Fellowship

Hillel at Tufts (Jewish)

Latter-day Saints Students Association

Muslim Students’ Association at Tufts

Non-denominational Christian Fellowship

Protestant Students Association

Sikh Students Association

Tufts CampusHope (Seventh-day Adventist)

Tufts Freethought Society

Tufts Hindu Students Council

Tufts Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Tufts University Unitarian Universalists


The communities listed above have committed to compliance with all applicable Tufts University policies.