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Easter Sunday Mass 11 AM

Join us in celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord Sunday April 16th at Goddard Chapel. After our journey through the wilderness of the Lenten season and the stilled darkness of Good Friday and Tomb Day, we look forward to celebrating with one another on E ...


There are many great ways to serve in our community here at Tufts University. Some students are involved in our liturgy and others are more drawn service opportunities. Learn about some of the exciting ways you can bring your voice and gifts to the Catholic Community ...

Sunday Mass 10 PM at Goddard Chapel

Welcome to Goddard chapel, where we lay our worries down and pick one another up. Where we celebrate the blessed ordinary and remind ourselves that we are always in God’s presence. Where we seek out a faith nourished by integrity. 

Community Prayer

Loving God~

We give thanks for the blessings you have bestowed upon us, and for the gift of living out the call to be church together. We ask that you send your Holy Spirit upon our community at Tufts University. Help us to live bold, faithful lives. Help us to hear your voice in those that surround us and help us to see you in the faces of all peoples. Awaken our hearts so that we may pursue mercy, compassion and justice. Challenge us, the faithful, sit with us, the questioning and lead home we who wander. Let us rejoice in our community, as the living and breathing mosaic we are and let us rejoice in the co-creations of new life within. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us as we nourish the seeds of tomorrow's church.


From the Chaplain

  • Welcome from the Catholic Chaplain
    Hello Hello,
    On behalf of the Tufts Catholic Chaplaincy, welcome to Tufts. Warm wishes your way.
    The campus has felt so quiet these past few weeks, but no one is fooled; our buildings have been full of people working hard in preparation for your arrival. We are so excited to meet you.
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