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Mission of the Catholic Chaplaincy

The Catholic Chaplaincy supports sacramental and spiritual life on campus--providing innovative opportunities to deepen relationship to tradition, holding space for difficult questions, and challenging students to expand their worldview so as to live more intentionally and wholeheartedly in community. 

Through the offering of spiritual care and enriching spiritual formation opportunities, the Catholic Chaplaincy supports students on their journey at Tufts and beyond, to make meaningful connections--with others, themselves and God. 

Music Ministry










Each Sunday we do our best to embody the joy and celebration of the Little Easter. We are able to live into this aspect of faith thanks to our rich music ministry, led by University Chaplaincy Music Director, Suzie Cartreine. Our choir is made up of current students, alumni and community members. Practice takes place at 4 PM, immediately preceding the 5 PM mass. All instruments are welcome and no singing experience required.

Student Testimonials

The Catholic Community at Tufts is the undergraduate student organization of Catholic students. This RPSO (Religious and Philosophical Student Organization) coordinates social and spiritual gatherings for the community. CCT leadership team (The Executive Board) work closely with the Catholic Chaplain to provide meaningful and fun ways of growing in faith and staying socially connected. Throughout the academic year, they arrange for simple supper cook-a-longs, service projects, game nights, and retreats. 


Being a first year on campus, I was a bit worried about leaving my home parish. I didn’t know if I would be able to find a place that I could call “home”. My worries soon melted away as I joined CCT. I went to virtual mass one week and instantly felt a wave of acceptance and peace. The veterans of CCT and the chaplaincy warmly welcomed me. Not only was I able to find that weekly mass that I valued so much at home, but the other opportunities that arose were spectacular. Not only in just the Catholic community, but the entire chaplaincy. I was able to attend spirituality hours, and meditations throughout the week as well as being a part of the "Be-Friend" program. We also had some group dinners virtually. These experiences were spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually fulfilling. There is an emphasis at Tufts on forming your own personal faith journey that allows for exploration of different faiths just as deep as your own. The Catholic Community at Tufts is a deeply enriching community that I now call home. 

Ryan Botsaris A’24


Being a catholic has always been an important part of my life. After all, I was raised in a catholic family and graduated from a private catholic high school. I was taught to pray every night before sleeping and to go to church every Sunday. Coming to Tufts, I knew that there was a catholic community on campus, but I did not know how big or how active it was. 

After an unusual semester, I think the Catholic community helped me to find a place at Tufts where I know I have people I can count on and that will always support me either by praying for me or by helping me when I need it. I can’t wait to meet them all in person and to keep engaging in this awesome community!

Sebastian Fernandez A'24