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Harvard Square Homeless Shelter 

For five years now, we have partnered with the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS), sending a team of students to serve on their Tuesday morning breakfast shift. Each week, we send a Lead Volunteer to help the new folks as they travel together to Harvard Square on the 96 bus. Individual Tufts students have also chosen to take on other shifts for the semester, including the overnight. Our relationship with HSHS has continued through COVID and the temporary closing of the shelter, as we have assisted with supporting their resource line. 


Catholic Social Teaching Night 

In this time when we cannot engage in in-person service, we are returning to the roots of our tradition. How does our tradition speak to the needs of the world and systemic injustice? Inspired by our two Beatitutes Co-Chairs, Katie Furey (A'23) and Katie Moynihan (A'24), this rich evening in early Advent was a powerful example of the University Chaplaincy’s student-led model. These two students were able to grow in their own faith and knowledge of the Catholic Social Teaching as they prepared the event, and asked thoughtful questions about how to invite their classmates into a meaningful conversation. One of the guiding questions was: How have you seen human dignity both honored and dishonored during COVID? It was not an intellectual exercise, but rather, an embodied conversation over zoom which invited students to draw examples from their own lives.