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Catholic Chaplain, Lynn Cooper

Welcome from the Catholic Chaplain

Dear Friends,

I write to you with longing on my heart. I have missed you all - and the energy of our campus - but I pray that you and your beloveds are safe and healthy.

As we begin this new academic year, a year unlike any other, we must refine our sense of calling. What does it mean to * be church* in this moment—creatively and courageously? How do we answer the call to work for racial justice as Christians and as Catholics? And how do we support one another to build strong meaningful relationships when we must also endure periods of 'isolation' and 'quarantine' to care for our bodies and the Body of Christ? These are just some of the questions I bring this year but I am eager to hear from all of you.

This year we will be celebrating 5 PM online liturgy each week – with Fr. Pat Nolan, SJ as our celebrant two Sundays a month. On the other Sundays, we will together 'visit' the home parishes of our community members. If you are interested in sharing this part of your faith life please let me know and I will put your congregation's liturgy on the calendar. Follow the link to find more information about weekly gatherings.

I will be on campus and available to meet up on Sunday afternoons and evenings. One-to-one walks and safely distanced outside conversations (with masks, of course) are very much welcomed. Let me know if you would like to meet up. The rest of the week, I am reachable via email for a Zoom call or an old-fashioned telephone call.

If I can support in any way in the coming weeks, please know I am here, as is the rest of the University Chaplaincy team. We are still working on ways to make the Interfaith Center and Goddard Chapel safe prayerful spaces during this time but I will keep you posted on these updates.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Welcome from the Catholic Community

Sean Moushegian, E21, President of the Catholic Community at Tufts

"I’m frequently reminded of our identity – the Catholic Community at Tufts (CCT).  No arbitrary choice of words, community describes our essence – both what we are and was what we aspire to be.  CCT has the shape and form that it does because of the individual contributions of its members, present and past.  Learning from each member of our community – members new, old, and even those who have graduated – is essential to maintaining a robust, adaptable and enriching Catholic community for us all.  Welcome!"


Please reach out to student leaders with any questions, needs, or concerns. 

President: Sean Moushegian, E21-

Executive Board Member: Amelia Hern, A21 -

Executive Board Member: François Venne, F21 -

Executive Board Member Jun Seo, A22 -

CCT retreat on Cape Cod

Be-Friend: Interfaith Friendship Program for Fall 2020

“Friendship is intimate and ordinary. It can also be revolutionary.”  - Dana Robert 

In this acute moment, building and nourishing relationships is vital to good health and wellbeing. This 9-week interfaith friendship project is designed for staff and faculty pairs or student pairs to go deep and to talk about the things that matter like our values, our sense of purpose, and our questions about life. You will hone the skill of active listening while experimenting with shared spiritual practices from different religious and philosophical traditions. Participants will be paired in dyads and will commit to spending an hour together each week (either safely distanced in-person or virtually) as well as an extra half hour in private reflection. Please note, faculty and staff will be paired with other faculty and staff members, and students will be paired with fellow students. Several of our multi-faith chaplains have contributed to the program, offering a diverse array of spiritual practices, including nature walks (independently and/or together), meditation exercises, listening to music, deep reading—of poetry, art, the world, our lives and one another.  Starting October 2. You can download the flyer here. Everyone - everyone! - is welcome to participate, and your presence is warmly anticipated.

Contact if you are interested, have any questions, or are ready to sign up.