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Catholic Chaplain, Lynn Cooper

Catholic Mass for Graduates, Alumni, Families
Saturday, May 21
Goddard Chapel, 5:00 p.m.
It is with joy that we plan to gather in-person around word and table this Commencement and Reunion Weekend. Let us celebrate and give thanks. All are welcome and, as always, come as you are. Refreshments to follow.

Welcome from the Catholic Chaplain

“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’" - John 21:12

The Catholic Chaplaincy at Tufts aspires to embody this simple yet powerful expression of hospitality – “come and have breakfast.” All else grows from that place of deep welcome. Come, and lay down your burdens and nourish your body and spirit. Come, and be present to one another and to stay awake to the holy in our midst. Come, and remember that you are worthy and whole just as you are in this moment—in all your brokenness and frailty, joy and beauty. Come to this place to be the Body of Christ.

Students in the Catholic Community at Tufts (CCT) are asking hard questions about identity, spirituality, meaning making, racial justice and what our tradition has to say about the profound inequities further revealed by the pandemic. For this reason, one of the defining elements of the Catholic Chaplaincy is our commitment to creating spaces for students to engage authentically with one another, themselves, and God. Through liturgy, retreats, community service, the work for justice, small group conversations, and shared spiritual practice, we support students and do our best to equip them for the lifelong journey of faith. The interfaith work at the heart of the University Chaplaincy is yet another opportunity for students to embrace a heart of hospitality. The gift and challenge of being a multifaith community is learning to welcome others and to say yes to those holy—and often unexpected—invitations to breakfast. May it be so. I look forward to welcoming you and all that you bring.

Please join us for the first community Mass together, in-person at Goddard Chapel on Sunday, September 5, at 5pm. Our annual Welcome Dinner with follow at 6pm on the Academic Quad. We gather for Mass every Sunday at Goddard Chapel at 5pm, and you are always most welcome.


Lynn Cooper, A02

Welcome from the Catholic Community

Sean Moushegian, E21, Former President of the Catholic Community at Tufts

"I’m frequently reminded of our identity – the Catholic Community at Tufts (CCT).  No arbitrary choice of words, community describes our essence – both what we are and was what we aspire to be.  CCT has the shape and form that it does because of the individual contributions of its members, present and past.  Learning from each member of our community – members new, old, and even those who have graduated – is essential to maintaining a robust, adaptable and enriching Catholic community for us all.  Welcome!"


Please reach out to student leaders with any questions, needs, or concerns. 

Co-President Katie Furey, A23
Co-President Connor Elliott, A22
Executive Board Member Caitlin Duffy, A24
Executive Board Member Carolina Lopes, A23
Executive Board Member Sebastian Fernandez, E24
Executive Board Member Hannah Kelly, A24
Executive Board Member Ryan Botsaris, A24

Holy Week 2022

Stations of the Cross

Wednesday, April 13, 7:30 PM Goddard Chapel

Each year, during Holy Week, we dwell in the story of Jesus' passion. We read and reread the scriptures, but there is one practice that brings it all to life, inviting the faithful to experience this story in an embodied way--the way of the cross. Building upon our virtual gathering last year and with the inspired leadership of Sebastian Fernandez '24, we will gather in-person for this mini-pilgrimage--together with Jesus and one another.

Easter Mass and Dinner

Sunday, April 17, 5 PM Goddard Chapel, Dinner 6 PM Interfaith Center
All are welcome as we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and the new life that is promised and growing within each of us. Easter dinner with the Protestant Community to follow at the Interfaith Center.

CCT retreat on Cape Cod

Be-Friend: Interfaith Friendship Program for Fall 2021

“Friendship is intimate and ordinary. It can also be revolutionary.”  - Dana Robert 

Please check back here soon for more details about signing up in Fall 2021. 
We are thrilled to, once again, be rolling out Be-Friend, our interfaith friendship program. This 9-week project is designed for participants to go deep and talk about the things that matter like our values, our sense of purpose, and our questions about life. You will learn the skill of active listening while experimenting with shared spiritual practices from different religious and philosophical traditions. Participants will be paired in dyads and will commit to spending an hour together each week as well as an extra half hour in private reflection. Several of our chaplains have contributed to the program offering a diverse array of spiritual practices, including nature walks, meditation exercises, listening to music, deep reading—of poetry, art, the world, our lives and one another. All Tufts students, staff, and faculty, are welcome to apply (please note: students will be paired with fellow students, and faculty and staff will be paired together). Contact Catholic Chaplain Lynn Cooper if you have any questions.