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Are you interested in starting a new religious or philosophical organization?  Please see this page to learn more about starting a new group, which includes information for religious organizations.

The University Chaplaincy is committed to protecting and supporting religious and philosophical diversity at Tufts University. We value and respect the distinctiveness of our many traditions, and center student leadership and vision in our University Chaplaincy-recognized student organizations. We do not coerce or proselytize, but rather seek to learn from one another within and beyond our specific communities.  We value interdependence, hospitality, and open communities. We seek to cultivate wisdom and compassion, practice generosity and care, and strive for transformation and growth. Prior to starting the New Student Organization Process, new Religious and Philosophical Student Organizations (RPSOs) must receive the University Chaplaincy’s approval to proceed.  If you are interested in starting a new religious or philosophical organization at Tufts, first contact University Chaplain Elyse Nelson Winger for a discussion about the Chaplaincy's process and policy.

Baha'i Students Association

For more information, please contact 

COFFEE (Community OF Faith Exploration and Engagement)

Title Name
President Grace Rotermund, A24
Treasurer  Chris Burke, A24
Social Media and Outreach Coordinator Romy Arie, A25
Event Planner and Outreach Coordinator Sam Chock, A25

C. Stacey Woods Programming Board

Title Name
President Anna DeCotis, E24
Vice President and Interfaith Representative Evan Liao, E24
Treasurer Elizabeth Cucuzzella, E24

Catholic Community at Tufts (CCT)

Title Name
Co-President Caitlin Duffy, A24
Co-President Sebastian Fernandez, E24
Treasurer Clare Coffman, A24
Retreat Coordinator/Social Planning: Samantha Rodriguez Sanchez, A24
Members at large: Emma Jennings, A24

Isabella Drezek, A26

Christopher Petrik, A24

Jack Burton, E26

Jaiden Mosley, A25

Chabad at Tufts University (Jewish)

Description of Chabad House

Title Name
President Mia Rabinovich, A25
Vice President Carrie Ortner, A25
Vice President and Treasurer Anat Katz, A25
Treasurer  Vanessa Chermak, A25
Members at Large Sasha Bukary, A25; Whitney Cohen, A26; Josh Meininger, A26; Nate Nemeth, E24; Avi Shein, E24; Ilana Smaletz, A26; Corey Title, A26

Hillel at Tufts (Jewish)

Description of Hillel at Tufts

Title Name
President Alex Shapiro, A24
VP of Engagement Rebecca Krauss, A25
VP of Operations/Treasurer Hannah Friedman, A25
VP of Campus Relations Arielle Klein, A24
Jewish Womxn's Collective Co-Chair Abby Stern, A24
Jewish Womxn's Collective Co-Chair Sydney Cohen, A26
JQUEST Chair Jonah Fein, A25
Interfaith Chair Eva Sheedy, A25
VP of Community Programming Elle Weingarten, A24
Underclassman Rep Dani Koplin, A26
Underclassman Rep Maia Zimmers, A26
Junior Rep Jacqueline Kloner, E25
Senior Rep Sydni Rosenfeld, A24
First-Year Programming Co-Chair Coming soon 
First-Year Programming Co-Chair Coming soon 
VP of Spiritual & Religious Life Eliyah Lister, A24
Reform Minyan Co-Coordinator Liana Smolover-Bord, A25
Reform Minyan Co-Coordinator Jake Blum, E23
Conservative Minyan Co-Coordinator Sarah Grand, A26
Conservative Minyan Co-Coordinator Michael Weiskopf, A24
Holidays Co-Chair Micah Gritz, A24
Holidays Co-Chair Jordana Raich, A25
Spirituality Coordinator Meirav Solomon, A26

Humanist Community at Tufts (HCAT)

Title Name
Program Chair Lacey Walls, A24
Treasurer Mia Taylor, A25
Interfaith Student Council (ISC) Representative Kate Beveridge, A25
Community Organizer  Jo Chung, A24
Social Media Coordinator Cassie Colmenares, A25
Secretary Jack Rogen, A24

Latter-day Saints Students Association

For more information, please contact

Muslim Students Association at Tufts (MSA)

For more information, please contact 

Non-denominational Christian Fellowship - Daily Flame

Title Name
Co-leader Tolulope Adewumi, A25
Co-leader Jocasta Jackson, A26

Protestant Students Association (PSA)

Title Name
President Emily Thompson, A24
Treasurer Madeleine Hudgin, A26
Worship and Outreach Coordinator Sam Gully, A25
Interfaith Student Council Rep Patrick Elwood, A24
Fellowship Coordinator Charlotte Conroy, E25

Sikh Students Association

For more information, please contact

Tufts Seventh Day Adventists

For more information, please contact

Tufts Hindu Students Association (HSA)

Title Name
President Ti Wimmer, A25
Vice President Apurva Iyengar, A25
Treasurer Shreya Choudhury, A26
Logistics Chair Raaj Pednekar, E25
Media Chair Keshav Mathur, A25
Social Chair Krithika Mood, A26
Secretary Sahana Krishnakumar, A26
General E-Board Member Bipro Dhar, E26
Senior E Board Taarika Bala, E24
Co-Social Chair Sheil Patel, A26
Co-Logistics Chair Saumya Kumar, A26
Alumni Liaison Niam Lakhani, A27 & Halina Ramamurthy, A27
Design Chair Anika Sareddy, A26
Freshman Representative Sahana Sudarsan, A27
Freshman Representative Dia Kher, A27
Freshman Representative Maitri Misra, A27

Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha

Title Name
Co-President An Nguyen, A24
Co-President Tyler Cipriano, A24
Treasurer/TCU signatory Aolani Lopez, A25
Treasurer/TCU signatory An Nguyen, A24
Interfaith Student Council Representative

Muri Mascarenhas, A25

Alumni Chair Emma Duran, A25
Secretary Talia Katreczko, A27
Social Media Chair Dechen Chokey, A25
Social Media Chair Arianna Ruhoy, A25

Tufts Orthodox Christian Fellowship

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship is a pan-Orthodox organization for all interested in the Orthodox Faith. Whether you are Greek, Russian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Indian, Romanian, American, or anything in-between, you are a valuable part of our community! You can join the Orthodox Christian Fellowship email list here. 
Title Name
Chair Peter Glavas, A25
Chair Katie Kuharsky, A24
Chair Trevor Wallace, A26

Tufts University Unitarian Universalists

For more information, please contact