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These groups do not have a tradition or worldview-specific chaplain, but are supported and advised by the University Chaplain.

Are you interested in starting a new religious or philosophical organization?  Please see this page to learn more about starting a new group, which includes information for religious organizations. The University Chaplaincy is committed to protecting and supporting religious and philosophical diversity at Tufts University. We value and respect the distinctiveness of our many traditions, and center student leadership and vision in our University Chaplaincy-recognized student organizations. We do not coerce or proselytize, but rather seek to learn from one another within and beyond our specific communities.  We value interdependence, hospitality, and open communities. We seek to cultivate wisdom and compassion, practice generosity and care, and strive for transformation and growth. Prior to starting the New Student Organization Process, new Religious and Philosophical Student Organizations (RPSOs) must receive the University Chaplaincy’s approval to proceed.  If you are interested in starting a new religious or philosophical organization at Tufts, first contact University Chaplain Elyse Nelson Winger for a discussion about the Chaplaincy's process and policy.

Chabad at Tufts University

Chabad House is your Jewish “Home Away from Home” at Tufts and like your home; our doors are always open to serve your needs. The warm family environment has made the Chabad House highly popular at Tufts as a place where students enjoy family Shabbat and Holiday dinners along with educational and social offerings. No matter your level of Jewish involvement or background, we’re sure you will feel right at home. We invite you to join our growing number of friends or rather, extended family. Come on over sometime. We are confident you will find your experience most rewarding. For more information, visit If there is any way we can be helpful to you please email or call 857.523.0290. To receive e-mail messages from Chabad regarding upcoming events, join our mailing list by writing so we can keep you in the loop. And don’t forget to find us on Facebook ( to stay up to date and never miss a heartbeat at Chabad. Find contact information for student leaders here.

Community of Faith, Exploration, and Engagement (COFFEE)

Tufts COFFEE (Community OF Faith Exploration and Engagement) is the interfaith student coalition at Tufts University with the goal of promoting constructive conversations about faith and identity between people of different backgrounds to promote action for peace and the common good. We aim to promote dialogue among those of varying identities and experiences (from devotional to nonreligious to philosophical) to facilitate the construction of pluralistic community. "Faith without action is empty," however, so COFFEE also seeks to connect students to social justice opportunities and organizations through activism. For more information join our COFEE Facebook group. Find contact information for student leaders here.

C. Stacey Woods

C. Stacey Woods Programming Board exists to promote spiritual engagement in community for all Tufts students through sponsoring and promoting InterVarsity programming on campus. This organization seeks to be the bridge between the Tufts community and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, a national student organization with ongoing student involvement since its founding in 1946. Vision Statement: We are a multiethnic, multicultural fellowship that trusts God, is unified in Christ, and rejoices in the Spirit. As we share God’s love, joy, and peace with the Tufts community and beyond, we long to see people of all identities welcomed into authentic relationships with God and one another. Every year, we host a few small groups to cater to the different needs of our community and a Large Group space for weekly games, worship, and talks. All students on campus are welcome to join us regardless of their faiths or religious backgrounds! For more information, check out our Facebook page. Find contact information for student leaders here.

Sikh Students Association

The Sikh Students Association (SSA) is committed to educating the greater Tufts community about the Sikh religion and identity through a combination of awareness events, seva (charity work), and naam japna (remembering God). Additionally, the SSA seeks to provide opportunities for Sikh undergraduate and graduate students to connect and unify. For more information, please find student leadership listed here. 

Tufts Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Find contact information for student leaders here.

Tufts Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalism is a religious organization that believes in seven principles that promote the search for truth and an acceptance of others. Join TUUS to discuss community service, go to local UU services, and get involved in a great community! Find contact information for student leaders here.