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Resonating from the tower of Goddard Chapel is a beacon hymn of the Gay Pride movement, “We Are the Church Alive”. Penned in 1980 by Jack Hoggart and David Pelletier, it has become a favorite of Christian congregations that celebrate Gay Pride with intentional services and liturgies during the month of June.

Speaking of the evolving nature of the Church, its message of inclusion — while adopted by the LGBTQ community — is one of universal applicability, and is a message ever resonant in 2017.

We are the Church Alive,

Christ’s presence on this earth

We give God’s Spirit body in

The act of our new birth.

As yielded open channels

For God’s descending dove,

We shout and sing, With joy we bring

God’s all-inclusive love.

We are the Church Alive,

Our faith has set us free;

No more enslaved by guilt and shame,

We live our liberty!

We follow Christ’s example

And freedom now proclaim,

Destroying myths of doubt and fear

In Jesus’ mighty name. 

We are the Church Alive,

The body must be healed;

Where strife has bruised and battered us,

God’s wholeness is revealed.

Our mission is an urgent one;

In strength and health let’s stand, 

So that our witness to God’s light

Will shine through every land. 

We are the Church Alive,

All praise to God on high!

Creator, Savior, Comforter!

We laud and magnify

Your name, almighty God of love;

Pray give us life, that we

May be your church, the Church Alive,

For all eternity. 

A recording of the hymn within the context of a service, may be heard here: