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Every week, the Humanist Community at Tufts gathers in the Interfaith Center for a moment towards the end of the week to come together and reflect. Humanist reflection is a group directed conversation: meaning, while a facilitator does open the meeting with a topic and ask questions, there’s no agenda or expectation that it goes in a particular direction. Typically, reflection meetings are an opportunity to ask bigger questions about identity, existence, and growth, questions that might not be asked in a different space or approached with as much personal respect. All are welcome to HCAT meetings, no matter your background or how you identify, although they are particularly suited to be safe spaces for those who don’t identify as religious or would consider themselves to be atheists, agnostics, and/or secular humanists.

Meetings are regularly in the Interfaith Center at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Sometimes, meetings will be cancelled or moved, so subscribe to the Humanist e-list to stay updated. For any questions about Humanist life at Tufts, e-mail