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The Medford/Somerville Tufts campus shares a community with tens of thousands of people living in the homes, and on the streets, that surround it.

A Humanist ethic of service demands not only that we consider our impact and aspire to make positive change in the lives of others, but also that we take responsibility for our presence in the world. The Tufts Humanist Chaplaincy takes responsibility for fighting homelessness in our shared community by making cleaner streets, supporting affordable housing, and improving food access. Being a part of the Tufts community is necessarily also being a part of the community that is all of Middlesex County–for Humanists, that means working in solidarity with some of the most marginalized members of that community, and considering ways in all our lives we can be more supportive of them.

The Humanists Against Homelessness series of service projects has partnered Humanists at Tufts with the Somerville Homeless Coalition and the City of Cambridge Public Works department. We host cleaning supplies and regularly travel to parks and urban centers like Central Square with high homeless populations to make the streets cleaner and safer. We’ve contributed to fundraising projects for homeless shelters and support programs. We’ve also collaborated on several meal packing projects to provide food for food insecure families around Massachusetts. To see a full archive of the projects we’ve been a part of over the last two years, visit the Humanists Against Homelessness archive page.