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Since the 1990s, Tufts University has been home to vibrant community life for atheists, agnostics, and Humanists. Students gathered as a part of the Tufts Freethought Society, which sought to create space for discussion and community among nonreligious community members. As the community grew, students and alumni began to advocate for the creation of a new staff position to serve humanists, freethinkers, and nonreligious people in the University Chaplaincy.

The Tufts Humanist Chaplaincy was established in 2014 to create more institutional support for this community and attend to the many changing needs of students across the nonreligious spectrum. Today, students from a variety of walks of life seek out the Humanist Chaplain for individual support, to gather as small groups, and to host larger programs engaging with contemporary questions around Humanism and modern spirituality.