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Humanist Chaplain Anthony Cruz Pantojas

Welcome from the Humanist Chaplain

 Bienvenides a todes! Welcome to all! 

I am Anthony Cruz Pantojas and I am excited to welcome you to the Tufts Humanist Chaplaincy! I support a community of mutual regard and exploration, inclusion and care. Together with the student-led Humanist Community at Tufts (HCAT), we invite the campus community to take up bold responses for the ethical challenges we face as a society while caring for each other along the way. As such, we will take on the following questions together: 

How do we bring in the multiplicity of our experiences into a vital space for constructive conversations and actions? How do we both witness and act within the unfolding of our everyday lives? 

As we consider and respond to these questions together, I hope that imagination, speculation, and the flow of Humanist and freethought traditions guide us into becoming the community we need and want to be. I welcome you to engage and contribute to this evolving community. Please contact me if you would like to schedule an introductory meeting over coffee or tea. 

En conjunto,

Anthony Cruz Pantojas, MATS, MALS


Humanist Chaplain


Welcome to the Humanist Community at Tufts

At the Tufts Humanist Chaplaincy, we support community members who don't identify with traditional religion, but still want the kind of support, resources, and programming the University Chaplaincy offers. The Humanist Chaplain provides individual counseling to members of the Tufts community, no matter their background, and facilitates small groups and larger programs on campus.

The Humanist Community at Tufts (HCAT) is the TCU-affiliated student group connected with the Humanist Chaplaincy. Some members of HCAT would consider themselves non-religious, others would not--the purpose of the community is to be accessible and safe for everyone, especially for those who haven't always felt that way in traditionally religious spaces. HCAT organizes community and service events in collaboration with the Humanist Chaplain throughout the year.

Program Chair Lacey Walls, A24
Treasurer Mia Taylor, A25
Interfaith Student Council (ISC) Representative Kate Beveridge, A25
Community Organizer  Jo Chung, A24
Social Media Coordinator Cassie Colmenares, A25
Secretary Jack Rogen, A24


HCAT members on retreat in Fall 2021