Interfaith Student Council


The ISC is a council of student leaders and representatives from philosophical and religious communities on Tufts campus. The council addresses interfaith engagement on several levels: interpersonal and as representatives of individual communities, as well as to the larger Tufts community and beyond. We aim to create a space for individual, active interfaith understanding and engagement between our council members and for anyone else seeking interfaith resources on campus. For the communities we represent, the council facilitates collaboration, support, and communication. Through our communities and as a council, we seek to foster active interfaith engagement on campus through large campus events and as strategic partners with the Tufts University Chaplaincy. We also strive to promote and coordinate activism and service, including but not limited to serving our local community, partnering with other universities’ interfaith groups, and responding to global issues. Ultimately, the ISC acts to create a welcoming and pluralistic campus climate at Tufts that encourages interfaith dialogue, questioning, learning, and action.