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Finding a Buddhist Tradition

The Buddha emphasized spiritual friendship. Ananda, his disciple asked, “Isn’t spiritual friendship half of the holy life?” Buddha responded, “No, noble friendship is the whole of the holy life.”

And, while here within Tufts Sangha we are working within a Dharmayana (multi-vehicle) approach, continued practice outside of Tufts will entail choosing a specific practice tradition–which will provide you with resources of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha specific to that path.

It is so important to have a community of spiritual friends dedicated to helping each other wake up, and a specific practice lineage within which to continue your exploration, especially after Tufts, or when you are away from campus.

When you meet a teacher, look for a sense of what in Korean is called inyoun, natural affinity, prior to making a commitment. You can use the sources we have included here, below, to begin to get a sense of what resonates for you.

For Practice

For Chanting

For Meditation


For Study

Tufts Buddhist Chaplaincy’s Comprehensive Reading List

Translations of Buddhist discourses and further readings:

Other Resources

(Interviews, Podcasts, Media, Articles, and News on Buddhism)

Further Reading (via Goodreads)