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Ji Hyang smiles at the camera, in front of a tree

Ji Hyang Padma, Ph.D., Buddhist Chaplain

Welcome from the Buddhist Chaplaincy

 Dear Sangha, 

Understanding the behavior of living beings Their deepest thoughts The many things they have done in the past Their desires, natures, diligence, and faculties, sharp or dull 

By using various causal explanations, parables and other kinds of expression The wise ones use skillful means to teach appropriately. 

–Lotus Sutra 

From the very beginning, the path of Buddhism has been open to everyone. At this time, we have access to an incredible depth and diversity of Buddhist teaching and our Sangha is itself rich in depth and cultural diversity. By practicing kalyana-mitta, noble friendship, we are able to discover moments of connection that reveal the vast web of interconnection to us in beautiful and life-changing new ways. 

Together with the student group Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha, I host regular meditation sessions and gatherings during the semester. Every week, we will be offering a Midday Mindfulness, Introduction to Meditation, Buddhist Study, and a discussion group led by members of the Sangha. You can always find the latest information about weekly gatherings and events on the University Chaplaincy website. 

This is my third year at Tufts and my seventeenth year of college chaplaincy. I am also serving as the Buddhist advisor at Northeastern University, and love to bring together cross-campus partnerships. I am ordained within a Japanese Zen lineage but am also informed by practice and teaching across many traditions, including Tibetan, Korean, and Cambodian lineages. 

Please reach out so that we can connect over a cup of tea. 

With best wishes and metta,

Ji Hyang Padma, PhD

Buddhist Chaplain 

Welcome from the Sangha Community

"Of all the communities at Tufts that seek to connect students, practice one's faith, and learn life-long lessons, the Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha (Sangha means a wholesome community) has been the most astounding. As a freshman, I attended Venerable Priya's talks, and in my first semester we discussed Buddhist texts, went to dinners dedicated to fostering spirituality and compassion, held movie nights, and learned from our local community of monastics. This year as a rising senior, I look back on my years feeling excited to see what new community members will learn and the questions they will have. Welcome to the Sangha!" -Ryan Dreher, A21, Former Co-president, Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha

Please contact the 2022-2023 student leadership team with any questions.

Co-President An Nguyen, A24
Co-President Tyler Cipriano, A24
Treasurer/TCU signatory Aolani Lopez, A25
Treasurer/TCU signatory An Nguyen, A24
Interfaith Student Council Representative

Muri Mascarenhas, A25

Alumni Chair Emma Duran, A25
Secretary Talia Katreczko, A27
Social Media Chair Dechen Chokey, A25
Social Media Chair Arianna Ruhoy, A25
Sangha on fall retreat