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The Heart of Wisdom Sūtra:

Gateway to the Middle way



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27th 7:30- 8:45 PM.


The Heart Sutra has had the most profound and wide–reaching influence of any text in Buddhism. This short text covers more of the Buddha’s teachings than any other scripture. It is chanted in Mahayana temples throughout the world.

While there are so many facets to the Heart of Wisdom Sutra, Dr. Garfield will be offering a close reading of the Heart Sutra as a gateway to Madhyamaka, the teaching of the Middle Way.

Jay Garfield is Doris Silbert Professor in the Humanities, Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Logic Program and of the Five College Tibetan Studies in India Program at Smith College; Visiting Professor of Buddhist Philosophy at Harvard Divinity School; Professor in the graduate faculty of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts; Professor of Philosophy at Melbourne University; and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies. He teaches and pursues research in the philosophy of mind, foundations of cognitive science, logic, philosophy of language, Buddhist philosophy, cross-cultural hermeneutics, theoretical and applied ethics, and epistemology. He is the author, editor, and translator of several books on these subjects, most recently The Essential Jewel of Holy Practice, a co-translation of verses written by Patrul Rinpoche (Wisdom 2017).

If you cannot attend in person, please use this link.