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For questions and more conversation, please reach out to Hindu Chaplain Preeta Banerjee. We offer these resources below as you explore Hindu life at Tufts, and beyond.

Resource Link
Tufts HSC website
North American Hindu Chaplains Association (NAHCA) website
Hindu Holy Days; Festivals and Holy days abound for Hindus. Every day is a day to celebrate!
Hindu American Foundation; Primarily an advocacy organization promoting Hinduism in the US, this site offers resources for teachers as well as interested individuals. Particularly useful is Hinduism 101, an interactive resource for children.
Free translations; Dating back to 1999 this site offers free electronic versions of sacred texts. Hindu texts include translations of the Vedas, the Upanishads, major epics, Vedanta sutras, fairy tales and poetry.
Places of Worship; Greater Boston is home to a number of Hindu temples and associations celebrating Dharmic worship. Their sacred spaces offer the opportunity for daily ritual practice as well as classes in meditation, yoga, text study, language and dance.  Several venues also offer space for performances and weddings. Please contact Preeta Banerjee