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Spring 2020 Student Staff

About the University Chaplaincy Student  Staff Program

The Student Staff Program provides the opportunity to learn about the multifaith work of the University Chaplaincy and to assist our chaplains and staff in fulfilling essential functions that support our programs and services. Responsibilities include general support, hospitality management, space maintenance, publicity and communication support, and special event staffing. Training and mentoring will be provided through monthly staff meetings and ongoing coaching to build knowledge and skills.

Name: Iman Ali

Class Year: 2022

Major/Minor: Community Health Major with a potential minor in Economics

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tisch Scholars, Admissions Diversity Council, Muslim Students' Association, BEAST Peer Leader, 180 Degrees Consulting

What I like about the University Chaplaincy? I love the collaborative, warm, and multifaith community that the Chaplaincy fosters. I am excited about working alongside individuals committed to supporting the Chaplaincy and the many programs and resources it offers.

Name: Alejandro Baez

Class Year: 2021

Major/Minor: Clinical Psychology and Community Health

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: United for Immigrant Justice, First Generation College Students Community Senator for TCU Senate, Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

What do you like best about working at the University Chaplaincy: The University Chaplaincy is a very welcoming and calming space and I enjoy their inclusive and positive programming. Helping to assist and develop the chaplaincy's work and resources helps students of all backgrounds to thrive at Tufts.

Name: Curry Brinson

Class Year: 2022

Major/Minor: Intended Environmental Studies and International Relations

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Concert Choir, Tufts Public Journal, 91.5 FM WMFO, sustainability, hiking, Beyoncé

Why I chose to work for the chaplaincy: I was raised with the understanding that my church would always be a safe haven for me, so I firsthand understand the importance and necessity of the maintenance of a safe space for individuals through the chaplaincy. I am thrilled to be able to help create that space for all those at Tufts.

Name: Uyen Chu

Class Year:  2022

Major/Minor: Psychology major; minor in Japanese and Child Studies and Human Development (CSHD)

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts United for Immigrant Justice, Diversity Admissions Council, BEAST Peer Leader, FIRST Center, Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC)

What do you like best about working at the University Chaplaincy: I value spaces that are dedicated to honest work that strives to provide for a multitude of communities. The Chaplaincy is a hub for interfaith and positive work that I deeply respect and hope to contribute to.

Name: Connor Elliott

Class Year: 2022

Major/Minor: International Relations

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Model United Nations, Catholic Community at Tufts, Ethics Bowl, the Zamboni, music, and tea.

What do you like best about working at the University Chaplaincy? I have always felt welcomed and supported in Chaplaincy spaces at Tufts, and working here is an amazing opportunity to help that same community welcome and support everyone who comes to its doors.

Name: Nusrath Jahan

Class Year: 2022

Major/Minor: Plans to major in Biopsychology and minor in Sociology

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts Amnesty International, MAPS (Minority Association of Pre-Health Students), Muslim Students Association, Tufts Medical Center Emergency Department Volunteer

Why I chose to work for the chaplaincy: I chose to work for the University Chaplaincy because I admire the Chaplaincy's mission of supporting different religious and philosophical communities. I was interested in learning more about the multi-faith work of the Chaplaincy and playing a role in promoting diversity and inclusion on campus.

Name: Molly Laurencin
Class Year: 2022
Major/Minor: Community Health and Sociology
Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts United for Immigrant Justice, BEAST Peer Leader, FIRST Center, going out for Boba, listening to music
What do you like best about working at the University Chaplaincy: I admire spaces like the Chaplaincy that aims to provide a warm, welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for students. I hope to contribute to the excellent work the Chaplaincy is doing and become involved in the amazing community that they have.

Name: Ayoub Khadar

Class Year: 2020

Major/Minor: Biology and Biotechnology double major

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Muslim Student Association, Tufts Minority Association of Pre-Health Students & Africana Center

Why did you choose to work for the University Chaplaincy?

I want to make our campus a safe haven for all cultures and faiths. I want to make a difference in interfaith work and bring together communities. I want to be available for all students, no matter the faith, to help them in anyway possible.

Name: Micah Kraus
Class Year: 2022
Major/Minor: Undecided
Interests/Extracurricular Activities: J Street U Tufts, COFFEE, Tufts Hillel, Tufts Labor Coalition
Why I chose to work for the chaplaincy: The Tufts Chaplaincy provides so many important programs and resources for students. I chose to work for the Chaplaincy so I could further what it does as an important campus institution.
Name: John Lazur
Class Year: 2022
Major: Undecided
Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Meeting new people, the Humanist Community at Tufts, Tufts Unitarian Universalists, CAFE, and learning about history.
What do you like best about the University Chaplaincy? I love and cherish the University Chaplaincy because it has been my conduit for interfaith work, heartfelt conversations, and meeting new people. The Chaplaincy strives to welcome every student with an open heart and I have experienced nothing but positivity in my interactions with chaplains, student staff, and students engaged with chaplaincy programs.

Name: Jiamin Li

Class Year: 2023

Major/Minor: Studio Art + Undecided

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC), Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha, Hong Kong Student Association, Asian American Center

Why I chose to work for the chaplaincy?: I want to work at the university chaplaincy because I subscribe to the chaplaincy's mission of creating an inclusive multifaith community at Tufts. I want to help and support the community as much as possible and make this a safe and welcoming space for people to come together.

Name: Magnifique Mukundwa

Class year: 2020

Major/Minor: Not yet decided but probably chemical or environmental engineering, with a minor in engineering Management

Interests: Music, health, and humanity.

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy: The Tufts University Chaplaincy strives for making everyone feel included. Diversity strengthens this significant community. I am glad that I can easily get in touch with people of different backgrounds, culture, religion, etc due to working at the University Chaplaincy. There is a great deal that I have learned from them.

Name: Katie Odjakjian
Class Year: 2020
Major/Minor: Psychology major and Philosophy minor
Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts BEATs, Parnassus Literary Collective, Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha
Why did you choose to work for the Chaplaincy? I chose to work for the University Chaplaincy because I have had nothing but positive and impactful experiences with this community here at Tufts, and want to help this important resource to thrive in any way that I can. Everyone I’ve met from the Chaplaincy has been very compassionate and accepting, and I’m excited to learn and grow with such a wonderful group of people.

Name: Zahra Rizvi
Class Year: 2022
Major/Minor: Clinical Psychology
Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Muslim Students Association, CAFE, tour guiding, Interfaith Student Council, ice cream, and brunch.
What do you like best about the University Chaplaincy? The Chaplaincy really strives to be a warm and welcoming environment for every member of the Tufts community, and always seeks to promote healthy and constructive dialogue. I’m very excited to be a part of such an important space on campus.


Name: Warisha Siddiqui

Class Year: 2023

Major/Minor: International Relations with a potential minor in Economics

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Muslim Students’ Association, PERIOD at Tufts, South Asian Political Action Community (SAPAC), Women in IR

What do you like best about working at the University Chaplaincy: I love being part of the vibrant and welcoming multifaith community found in the Chaplaincy. I enjoy  building and supporting the various inclusive interfaith spaces throughout campus.