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As the language people use to describe spirituality and religion in the United States is changing, young adults in their years of identity formation may feel themselves growing into an experience of spirituality, religion, and their sense of connection to something greater without knowing how to describe that experience—to themselves or others. This is especially true for young people without a religious community, where that spiritual development is often concentrated. This program will provide tools, resources, and opportunities for connection and reflection for people in the Tufts community interested in spiritual formation and development, especially if they are nonreligious or practice outside traditional religion in the U.S. This program will focus on a particular aspect of spiritual development: describing “something greater than oneself” (SGTO), which some may describe as God, though increasingly many would describe with other language.

This program is open to anyone in the Tufts community, specifically advertised to nonreligious students and people who have previously expressed interest in this sort of development. Participants will sign up for an e-list which will serve as the main locus of communication for virtual meetings etc. Resources will be stored and available in a Box folder. People will be welcome to sign up at any point through the semester though the program will be semi-linear in the depth of resources presented.

Join the Something Greater than Ourselves e-list: