Meet Our Student Staff

Fall 2017 Student Workers


Name: Ashley Alphonse

Class Year: 2019

Major/Minor: Political Science & French

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: ENVY (Tufts all female step team), Mock Trial, La Société Française (The French Club), Tisch Scholar

Why did you choose to work for the University Chaplaincy?

I choose to work for the University Chaplaincy because I want to help contribute to keeping the safe spaces (Goddard and the Interfaith Center) a reality. I am an active member of the Catholic community and know how critical these spaces are to one’s mental and spiritual health while at Tufts.

Name: Sofia Estrada

Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Clinical Psychology and English

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Tufts Wilderness, Catholic Community Tufts (CCT), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Downton Abbey, coffee, conspiracy theories

Why did you choose to work for the University Chaplaincy?

Because the University Chaplaincy was an important safe, open, and compassionate space for me when I was first entering the Tufts community, I want to return the favor by welcoming others into these spaces and hopefully be a positive force on campus.


Name: Mohamad Hamze

Class Year: 2019

Major/Minor: Biology Major and Arabic Minor

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Muslim Students Association, Pre-Med Society, Tufts Takht Ensemble, TuftScope, avid soccer fan and sneaker collector

What I like best about working at the University Chaplaincy:

The Chaplaincy was one of my very first communities at Tufts, and has played a huge role in my college career ever since. The Chaplaincy staff are unwavering in their commitment to providing spaces for worship, inclusion, and interfaith discussion at Tufts and I’m proud to be a part of its fantastic mission.


Name: Lucia McArdle

Class Year: 2018

Major/minor: Community Health and International Literary and Visual Studies

Interests/Extracurriculars: Tufts Strong Women Strong Girls, art, being in the outdoors. 

My favorite part of working at the chaplaincy:

 I’ve loved working at the chaplaincy so much for the relationships I’ve built with chaplains and everything I’ve learned from the different religious and philosophical conversations the chaplaincy puts on.  I really appreciate being able to be in sacred spaces and learn about all different religions and spirituality as a non religious person.  I feel lucky to be a part of the chaplaincy for the crucial work it does of providing pastoral care and supporting students through all their experiences, no matter the student’s religious background.


Name: Magnifique Mukundwa

Class year: 2020

Major/Minor: Not yet decided but probably chemical or environmental engineering, with a minor in engineering Management

Interests: Music, health, and humanity.

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

The Tufts University Chaplaincy strives for making everyone feel included. Diversity strengthens this significant community. I am glad that I can easily get in touch with people of different backgrounds, culture, religion, etc due to working at the University Chaplaincy. There is a great deal that I have learned from them.



Name: Faryal Jafri

Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: International Relations Major and Economics Minor

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Chi Omega, Tisch Scholars, Muslims Students Association, Politics

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

The University Chaplaincy is full of wonderfully kind and interesting humans doing great things. I love that it’s a welcoming and calming space for anyone and everyone.


Name: Brenna Olrich

Class Year: 2019

Major/Minor: History and International Relations

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Running, Spending Time with Friends, Playing Music, Drinking Coffee, Tufts Christian Communities, Tufts Democrats, and CAFE.

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

I love working for the Chaplaincy because every day that I come in, I get to work with conscientious, kind, and all-around fantastic people.


Name: Wilna Paulemon

Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Child Development and Community Health

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Strong Women, Strong Girls mentoring, Child Development Association, and Engaging with Christian/Interfaith Communities 

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

I choose to work for the University Chaplaincy because Goddard has always been a safe space for me. I wanted to contribute anyway I could to maintain spaces like Goddard and the Interfaith Center to ensure that they are welcoming and safe spaces for all Tufts students.

Name: Travis Percy

Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Political Science, minors in Africana Studies and ELS

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Finance, Africana Community Engagement/ Mentorship, A cappella, and Christian faith communities

Why did you choose to work for the University Chaplaincy? or What do you like best about working for the University Chaplaincy? 

I work for the chaplaincy because I believe it’s a great resource for all Tufts students to connect with others on the basis of similar or different faiths and to seek community surrounding faith.


Name: Joseph Tramontozzi

Class Year: 2019

Major/Minor: Engineering /  Italian and Engineering Management

Interests/ Extracurricular Activities: Catholic Community at Tufts, Italian Club, Soccer fan

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

The Chaplaincy has been a crucial part of my time here at Tufts and to my spiritual formation.  I have engaged in interfaith dialogues and attended the services of different religious traditions, finding commonalities between my faith and others.  The interfaith engagement that the Chaplaincy fosters is so important in the multicultural world we live in.


Name: Rachel Wahlert

 Class Year: 2018

Major/Minor: Sociology Major

Interests/Extracurricular Activities: Multiracial Community (AMPT), Tufts Mountain Club, Club Volleyball

What I like about working at the University Chaplaincy:

I have participated in many of the services the chaplaincy provides. I enjoy the masses, meditations, and the beautiful staff. I am happy to serve a place that provides students with so many resources that nourish the mind and soul.