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A Note from the Muslim Chaplain’s Desk

As-Salāmu ʿalaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatu,
May peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you and yours,

As the Muslim Chaplain at Tufts University, it is my joy to send you a warm welcome on behalf of the Tufts Muslim community and the wider university staff and administration.

At Tufts, Muslim life is exceptionally robust.

There are several Muslim student groups that serve the Tufts community. The Tufts Muslim Students Association (MSA) is especially active on campus as is the Fletcher Islamic Society (FIS). Tufts’ Health Sciences Muslim Student Association also hosts programming at Tufts’ in Boston. The Tufts University Muslim Alumni Association (TUMAA), founded in 2015, also sponsors regular gatherings.

Many of our Muslim life gatherings focus on cultivating religious learning or celebrating holidays, some focus on engaging diversity or doing service, and some events help educate about Islam or Muslims in the wider world.

There are students who pray daily prayer together, and we hold regular Friday prayer at 1:15-1:45 at the Tufts Interfaith Center (58 Winthrop St. Medford) throughout the academic year. Tufts has two custom-designed, convenient Muslim prayer rooms in Curtis Hall and in the Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, spaces that were recently constructed thanks to generous support from the Tufts administration and wider community. Tufts also has a Muslim Culture House on campus that functions as an undergraduate residence hall.

Tufts’ Muslims constitute an open, welcoming, and engaged community.

Our gatherings are open to Muslims of all backgrounds as well as all who are interested in learning more about Islam or in forging connections with Muslims. We partner frequently with other faith and interfaith groups on campus around common interests and to share in special celebrations. We regularly organize initiatives to try to educate against Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of bigotry, and we try to do our part to support important causes and charities to benefit different communities here in Greater Boston and around the globe.

Stay connected!

For details on our initiatives and affiliated groups, browse the Muslim Chaplaincy website. I also encourage you to browse the University Chaplaincy main website, which is also a rich source of information about spiritual life at Tufts. The University Chaplaincy publishes a weekly e-newsletter, a great way to keep current on many activities related to spirituality, cultures, and social justice. The Muslim Students Association (MSA) also maintains a listserv, and many groups are active on Facebook.

I am here as a resource and a confidential conversation partner for all Tufts students, staff, and faculty. I meet regularly with individuals for one-to-one meetings for confidential spiritual care or mentorship—work-life balance, stress, family, relationships, theological questions—no matter is too big or too small. Simply email or call me to schedule an appointment, connect in person, or contact me on social media. We can set up a time to meet in my office in the Interfaith Center, in a café, or we can connect by phone. Many students also approach me for character recommendation letters, to serve as a job or internship reference, or to discuss future plans for graduate or further studies on themes related to Arabic, Islam, or religious leadership. I look forward to connecting!

Welcome to the Tufts Jumbo family!


Celene Ibrahim, M.Div.

Muslim Chaplain

Tufts University