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Part of the Tufts University Chaplaincy, the Tufts Muslim Chaplaincy works in partnership with the Muslim Students Association to provide opportunities for communal prayer and the celebration of religious rituals and holidays, religious education, fellowship, and pastoral care for Muslim students, faculty, and staff at Tufts. Retreats, study groups, service opportunities, and interfaith activities support the community in integrating their faith practices into their academic and personal lives on and off campus. In times of personal loss or crisis, the Muslim Chaplain serves as a resource to support the Muslim community in counseling and prayers. In addition, the Muslim Chaplain is committed to educating the campus at large about Islam and connecting the Muslim community to the rest of the campus through dialogue, social activities, and community service with different religious, ethnic, and cultural groups both on campus and off. The Muslim Chaplain welcomes opportunities to educate others about the religious and cultural aspects of Muslim life.

Memorial Church Event

Chaplain Celene and interfaith leaders serve on a panel at Harvard’s Memorial Church – Photo Credit Justin Knight

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Photo Credit: Roza Ogurlu (Tufts Daily Photographer and MSA Member)
Chaplain Celene and daughter Rahma at participate in Tufts MLK Day of Service at City Hall in Cambridge. Tufts MLK Day of Service brought together over a hundred student, faculty, and staff volunteers from across the university.


Chaplain Celene spoke at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center on the occasion of the Mawlid of the Prophet Muhammad (ASWS). In the wake of recent tragedies in France and Northern Nigeria, her lecture urged those in attendance to honor the Prophet Muhammad (ASWS) by seeking to emulate his character, a character that was patient and kind in the face of insult.

She also reminded those in attendance of the value of regularly asking Allah (SWT) for peace and blessings on the Prophet’s name (ASWS), both as a beneficial daily practice and as a way to spiritually respond to attempts to dishonor his character. She urged the gathering to help convey the deep wisdom of Islam by being open to friends and neighbors who may be struggling, in the wake of the tragedies, to understand the message of mercy and compassion that the Prophet Muhammad (ASWS) brought to the world.