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A Welcoming Community for Muslims

“Celene Ibrahim, the Muslim chaplain at Tufts, leads a small but thriving group, and hopes to build bridges to other faiths as well”
– Kristin Livingston, A05, is a freelance writer based in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Endowment Support


Please take a brief moment to sign up for a recurring monthly donation that will be set aside for the beginning of a Tufts Muslim Life Endowment Fund. As the endowment grows, it will support Tufts Umrah scholarships, community dinners, Ramadan iftars, furnishing more conveniently located prayer spaces, and expanding Muslim &hell ...

Muslim Chaplain Celene Ibrahim and Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco

Muslim Chaplain Celene and President Tony Monaco enjoy the 2014 Tufts Eid Dinner!

Muslim Chaplain Celene Ibrahim and President Anthony Monaco enjoy the 2014 Tufts Eid Dinner

Student Quote

"It's really nice to have a home-base at college, somewhere or something that anchors you, for me that's the MSA"

- Rumzah Paracha, '18